Services and Products

Future & Option Risk Analysis.

Objective : We ensure and work hard so that your losses can be reduced up to 90 percent in F&O open positions , carry forward positions.

With our Smart Exits & Re-Entry levels , Online Real Time Market follow up and research views shared you can reduce your losses and protect your gains to a great extent. (Up to 80-90%)

Basis behind launching this product

We came across many Big Position Traders in F&O market who has more than 1crore worth of open positions i.e. overnight carry forward positions. So you are aware of the market risk of trading in futures. You are paying approx 20% margin to Stock exchange. Why 20% because the exchange wants to keep itself safe up to 100% so it assumes that 10% minimum overnight volatility can occur hence better to charge just double of this so 20%. So you are ready for 10% value erosion any point of time of your total exposure. Here we can assist you by providing our services of F&O Risk Analysis which will result in loss reduction of up to 80-90 percent by making smart exits and re-entry. This service is online support during real time markets. You just have to send us your open positions in excel (format we shall provide) at day end. We shall be sending you daily F&O Trend Analysis Report which will help you a lot in choosing which script to trade. We don't provide calls to trade.

Our service fee will be very minimal to the risk you are taking by trading F&O. We generally suggest our clients not to trade in F&O and better use your funds in investing in the markets which is always good for you. In spite of this many people take big exposure in F&O as per their risk appetite and we want to serve them by this product of ours. We charge only 0.5% of the total average monthly exposure per month with minimum 50K fees per month billed quarterly. Maximum we charge is 1.5L per month billed quarterly if your exposure is much higher also.

We communicate online with Google Hangout app. You can even call and discuss with our research team during real time market hours.

This is a unique product for clients who are taking big risk and moreover making big losses during market volatility specially in Futures Market.

It's your hard earned money so why not hire a professional service to insure your risk to a great extent. Just try this for one quarter and you will feel more secure and confident of our services.

Note : Market is always subject to risk of loss of Capital.

Ratio Trading and Hedging

Objective : Hedging positions in F&O with Index like Nifty , Bank Nifty , Nifty IT etc. thereby reducing the risk to some extent. Ratio trading intents to manage open exposure positions in the F&O segment but risk remains in such trading activities. Need to maintain stop loss.

Many traders opt for ratio trading and hedging their position with Index. Our research team works for them and suggest when to enter the trade and when to exit. In this product you as a client can give your own pairs also. Generally we don't share the basics of the trade.

Hedging your position with the index is also advised so that risk can be minimized.

Generally this product is a combo product along with our F&O Risk Analysis Product.

Portfolio Advisory

Objective : Advising on your portfolio stocks based on our research analysis which is based on both fundamental and technical outlook.

We advise clients on their portfolio holdings and suggest them the entry , exits and re-entry for better returns.

You can opt for this product as this also involves our fundamental and technical research as a basis for advising. We don't share basics behind our advisory views in details. Risk levels are updated to clients so that better Exits and Re-Entry can be executed by client.

We provide a software for your convenience of watching your portfolio and take quick and efficient action as advised by our research team. We don't provide you the basics behind our views. Very simple to understand and execute your trades. We use online google hangout app for communicating with our clients.

Service fee can be discussed once you opt for this product which is very competitive and minimal in comparison to similar market product.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning can be opted for any individual. Under this product we have make a detailed Financial Plan after taking data from the client. Then we advise the client on the various options to invest their surplus income. This plan involves :

  • Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Employee Benefits
  • Investment planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning

Apart from this we shall revisit the implement process once in every six month for review and re-balancing.

Generally we charge a fixed fee for drafting a financial plan for the first time say 15K. Then for annual reviews we charge only 10K. We shall assist you various investment products analysis and shall advise which one is better for you from time to time. This is a dynamic process and a long term relationship is established with our clients.